David Czyz

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Name: David Czyz
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Age: 33 (1988-04-02)
Gender: N/A
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Great Barrier Creep


Pop Cultural Twist! (Behind the Almond Eyes)

assumption of the face

And By Night

Tempting The Extra Dimensional Tapeworm With An Extra Dimensional Steak

Escape Through Irony (Wiggle Room)

Manifoldic Carpet (Interest From Ignorance)

CCDS Drawing From A Dream

Drawing On A High Contrast Monitor Is Difficult

I Was Really Trying To Not Do Squiggles Again; Stress Energy.

Light Notes II (Quaternion)

Light Notes

...And On a Lighter Note

The parts, themselves... but more

Movers and Pushers

Minotaur vs Mouse

Original by Vincent Charlebois


Gulp City


dot dot dot (stop, yield, go)